Friday, January 25, 2013

Fall Vacation, Days 1 & 2

Whoa. I can't believe it has been since October since my last post. So much has gone on in the past few months that I just kind of got sidetracked!

In October, John and I took a fall vacation to visit my family in Virginia.  It was an amazing trip filled with a lot of traveling. This post will be just one of a few that I will do to show off pictures from our trip and our excursions throughout Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Day 1: Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

We also walked around and did a little bit of antique shopping and had lunch at Tari's Cafe. The food was amazing and the service was unlike any other. Must stop in and have a bite while in this tiny town.  

It was a very small town with charm only seen in movies, possibly most famous for George Washington's Bathtub . It's a stone structure that is said to have been the place in which George Washington bathed in 1748. Crazy, I know!We also did a little exploring and found a park near Berkeley Springs in which it was a 2 mile drive to the top of the mountain, it was worth it!
This was the view driving up the mountain, the fall colors were amazing! I have never been to see the changing of the seasons. 

This is yet another view of the drive up the mountain side. 
This is what was awaiting us at the top of that 2 mile drive up the mountain! The view was breathtaking and much colder than it was at the bottom, for sure! The colors almost look fake. I was in awe of the West Virginia countryside. 

Day 2: Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Lancaster Pennsylvania is known mostly for its Amish country. This was my first trip to Pennsylvania and my first time seeing anything Amish! It was a lot of fun, we drove around "stalking" the Amish (not really), but we drove throughout Lancaster County. We got to see covered bridges, Amish families in their buggies and even did a little bit of shopping in the Amish shops. 

This is a traditional Amish buggy, the family would all pack inside with mom. We even passed this small child at most, 5 years old, driving a single rider carriage. It was the cutest thing. 

The covered bridges were a sight. I could take a day trip photographing these beauties! Unfortunately, I only captured this one because my camera went dead. 

They also had roadside carts selling the fall gourds and pumpkins from their farms. They were so trustworthy that they left a box for you to pay. 

As you can tell so far, we had an amazing time and took too many pictures to post. I will post more as we spent 7 days there. Stay tuned!

 - Rich

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