Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Presidential Election Day 2012

We have finally made it! Election Day 2012 is upon us! I have cast my vote!! After tonight there will be no more "Politial Adds" for another 4 years!!! Praise the Lord... OH YEAH and After tonight I will be able to go back on Face Book!!! I miss my good ol' friend Face Book. My girlfiend Morgan and I have been fasting it for 40 long days and praying for this Presidential Election!

 I don't know about you but I am sure hoping for a Conservative Republican President. Mitt Romney is what our country needs to help save and restore America! My opinion of course :)

Sunday we had a "God Save America" prayer meeting at church and I happened upon these cute "VOTE" shirts in the mens department of Target. $6.00 each. Can't beat that! I bought her and I both one!!

What's hotter than Christian Republican girls wearing Cowboy Boots and Republican Red Heels anyways?

Besides our "Vote" shirts...NOTHING! Hehe

I love this girl to death! Together her and I have fought our way through alot this year! One thing is for sure, No matter how this Presiential Election turns out, her and I will be friends till death do us apart! AND we will always be Republicans!!



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