Monday, July 23, 2012

Collecting Is Contagious!

Collecting is contagious. After seeing Paula Deen's blog about collecting vintage table linens, I caught the bug and now have a few of them in my own collection. I can't help but rummage through an antique store, local flea market or thrift store for these beauties before I leave. 

It just so happened that I went antiquing last week at Main Street Antique Mall in the nearby town of High Springs, Fl . I decided to snap a few picture of some of the things that I love to collect. 

Here is some of the linens and quilts that I loved and regretfully, did not purchase.

Among the many things that I collect, I especially love vintage quilts. My grandmother actually taught me how to make yo yo's, just never got to the quilting part! 

I think its great to show them off in different ways. Don't buy them just to have them sit in a linen closet or a trunk to collect dust. 

Display it in a way you will enjoy it most depending on the age, condition and value.

You may use them on the beds, guest beds, or even at the end of the bed just folded or even laid on the bed with the corners of the quilt at the top and bottom, like a diamond on the bed.

Having a quilt display rack is a good option or even a glass display case.

Display the quilts on a wall, like a tapestry or wooden shelves with a rod underneath to hang the quilt. Make sure the wood has been treated and is not raw.

You can sew a sleeve on the back top edge or just drape it over the rod.

Velcro is another option, but I wouldn't want to do that to an antique quilt because, lets face it, we have probably spent a lot of money on them or its simply just too precious of an heirloom.

You can also drape the quilt over a door, cabinet, chair or sofa back.

My last suggestion would be to neatly fold and place on a shelf or cabinet so you can see the edges.

One thing to remember : don't leave the quilt in the same way all the time or you'll end up with a fade or a fold line.


  1. Wow, I love this blog. I too love quilts. Thanks for giving us ideas on ways to display my beauties. May I also suggest that an antique quilt looks darlin neatly folded over a wooden rocking chair.

  2. Jeanie, it's quite hard to believe that you would love quilts too being that we are brother and sister! Who would've thunk it!? Thanks for your suggestion though,sis.