Sunday, August 19, 2012

Collecting Fine China

Fine china is beautiful, elegant, and expensive. The question I hear most often is "when are you supposed to use it"? 
Most people value their fine china so much that they don’t know when to use it or even if they should! 
I believe in using what you have, china is no exception. 
There are times and places to use it and the following suggestions are popular uses for fine china and can help you determine when to use it.

Here is come china that I received after my great aunt passed away back in 2000. I only received a few pieces but was so happy to have them as they reminded me so much of her. I have found some pieces in thrift stores and other pieces online to add to my collection. I'm still on the hunt for some pieces to finish off my collection.

Im quite sure it isn't worth much but to me they're priceless.  The type of china is "Garden Bouquet #4078". It's a very southern pattern to me but I love southern so it works!

Sunday Lunch 
Many people gather for Sunday lunch. Growing up, my grandmother always held Sunday Lunch. 
After church it was a time to gather everyone around one table. 
She always prepared different meals that weren't ordinarily cooked, as they were for special occasions. So, this came to me as a no brainer for when to use your fine china. 
Using your china on Sunday is a good idea because it’s only once a week and on a day that is just a little more special than the others because the whole family is dining together.

For holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter are also popular occasions to use your fine china. 

These holidays are usually celebrated with a big meal, lots of family, and everyone wants things to be just a little nicer than usual. 
So, there is no better way to make your table more elegant than with your favorite china. 

Special Occasions 
Any special occasion where we like for things to be a little more elegant is a great time to use your fine china. 

Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, or any other special occasion that would be celebrated with a nice meal is a perfect opportunity for setting the table with your fine china. 

You, like some people, may only like to collect and not want to use your fine china.
 If you find you are in this situation then possibly you should buy a china cabinet to store your china in. 
If you chose to display your fine china in a china cabinet, give your collection breathing room. Do not stack plates more than six high and place separators between each piece. 
Display teacups atop their saucers. 
Don't hang your teacups on hooks within a china cabinet since that display option places undue stress on the teacup's handle and forces you to screw a hook into your wooden china cabinet, damaging it. 
A full set of fine china should be displayed by itself in one china cabinet. 
Display other collectible objects elsewhere. 
Don't crowd fine china as it needs room to prevent damage and to show off its beauty.

Packing and Storage
If you have to move your china I recommend that you wrap each piece individually. DO NOT use newspaper to wrap the china, as the printing may bleed onto your china and leave streaks or dark stains. Individually wrap each piece of china in acid free tissue paper follow up by wrapping it again in a white cotton cloth or bubble wrap. Do not plan on storing the china in bubble wrap long term because bubble wrap traps heat and can damage the china.

- Rich


  1. Beautiful! Another way to store or transport you fine chine plates would be to seperate each plate with a stiro foam plate and that will keep them from rubing too.

  2. this is such a lovely blog and post I am pleased to have read it. I adore my grandmothers china and also have taken a long time to find pices to add to the sets. I also have a tiny hint seeing as I have vintage high teas for over 150 ladies in my town (a charity event) and have to get my vintage china to the hall. I place all the teacups with thier gentle handles in a sock! then wrapping around the delicate handle and tucking any extra into the bowl of the cup......I have packed and moved my beautiful trios several times and never had one of the 200 sets! broken......touch wood!s they say!! hugs from lee-Ann in Australia