Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vintage Wedding Inspiration

Oil lamps are everywhere, so it was no surprise to find these a few weeks ago at a local antique mall. 

I have always loved the idea of a simple southern wedding under sprawling grand daddy oaks with spanish moss swaying lazily in the breeze of the low country. 

I live for southern design and would love to decorate a wedding in that type of decor!

I located a few pictures on the web for inspirtaion. 
This tablescape is the epitome of southern charm! 
I adore the rustic wooden barn with the rusty ole star! 
I love the idea of tables set up on a lush green lawn for the reception either under an old oak tree or with rustic barns in the background or even inside the barn!

I love the idea of having mixed vintage seating. 
Simple oil lamps strategically placed upon the tabletop are such a strong southern statement. 

Even placing the lamps upon tree stumps make for a beautiful display around the reception area.

This is a great shot. I personally would have added some oil lamps, duh!

As you can see, I get pretty carried away when talking about wedding design. My sister and I always said that we missed our calling to be wedding planners. 

- Rich

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  1. It's never too late. When you come to Virginia that is what we will aim for :)