Monday, August 6, 2012

What A Crock!

This past weekend I had the unfortunate opportunity to visit Plant City, (where I was born and raised) for a funeral service. My family also drove down from Virginia to attend the services. While we all had been there for other reasons, we could not stop ourselves from shopping at one of the towns finest home-decor, warehouse-style, retail shop you can imagine, Southern Hospitality! 

Southern Hospitality is a family owned and operated business that has been around for over 25 years! They are a wholesale/retail shop with over 75,000 sq. ft of merchandising space!

 I remember my mother, aunts and grandma taking me along to this place over 17 years ago to buy their crafting goods. The company started out at their home in a garage in the weirdest location down a back road. My grandmother was friends with the owners and my grandfather sold his woodworks to them.

Anyways...Since I no longer have immediate family members in the area I have no reason to visit so I take the opportunity to see everything while there.

I miss it because it was once my home and will always be home. You get me? 

Well, trolling throughout the 75,000 sq. ft of merchandise, my sister happened upon these "crocks". We both about peed our pants with excitement. We had to have them. We both have about the same decorating style, she like primitive style country and I love farmhouse-chic country, so we both had to have one. 

Now when I display this I will always have a reminder of where I came from, something to take me back, if you will. 

As you probably already know, Plant City isn't just the strawberry capitol of the world its also home the the Florida Strawberry Festival and where my family grew strawberries and peanut crops for many years!

I have some decorating ideas in mind for this baby and will be posting pictures throughout the seasons to show you just how I pay homage to my hometown.

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