Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Wreath

So here we are Monday morning, two days into fall and we get our first bit of actual fall-like weather!

I woke up this morning to a cool 56 degrees. It had been well into the 90's yesterday (or so it felt) so it came as a bit of a surprise.

With fall here and cooler weather, I hope to be inspired for some decorating. I know I'm a bit late but I just can't settle on what I want to do.

The other day I had written a post about "Fall Porch Inspiration" and was so inspired that I actually created a fall wreath that night!

I had purchased a vine wreath a few weeks ago at Michael's and would later return to purchase the fall flowers to make the wreath, but came across the leftover wedding garlands and knew immediately it would work perfectly.

I sure am glad I found it because I had missed it and didn't realize it!

And here is a closeup 

I just love the way it turned out and will be making more to sell in my etsy shop.

 - Rich

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