Friday, September 28, 2012

Make your vote count!

Hey Ya'll! Just though I'd share with you my great buy of the day! Went to 7-eleven this mornin' and they had FREE coffee and Romney cups. I love anything Free and my vote is definitely Romney for President 2012!!! Just like the great song say's, "The land of the FREE and the home of the brave!" This is a free country that we live in. We have the freedom of speech and the freedom to vote. With that being said, get out and vote! Every vote counts! This is a crucial Election year guys. We can't continue to go down the road we're on now. We need God and change in this country. Oh and I guess I should also mention that they have Obama cups as well for the Democrats out there! I'm sure Rich will not approve of this post as he is votin' for Obama. That's ok though I can take him :)

Aren't they so cute?!

Lovin' showing off my Romney pride today!

Don't forget to PRAY for our country and most importantly don't forget to VOTE!
Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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